About Kodava's

Who We Are?

The Kodavas are the dominant community of Kodagu. Kodava oral traditions are very rich, some of the traditional folk songs have been compiled into the Pattole Palome. The Kodavas revere ancestors, arms and cattle and worship a number of deities, besides the River Kaveri, some of them being Igguthappa, Bhagwathi, Muthappa, Mahadeva, Bhadrakali, Subramani and Ayyappa.


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A Kodava home which has been opened to those looking for a vacation in luxury within an affordable budget, situated at the heart of Madikeri the capital of Coorg, you have the luxury and comfort of home. Coorg district, the birthplace of river Cauvery, lies in the picturesque Western Ghats of Karnataka and is home to the Kodavas. The people of Coorg live close to nature and have a great love for the land. The Coorg coffee estates are famous for their coffee , honey, oranges, cardamom and the queen of spice pepper.


Come and Enjoy the wild beauty

Uncrowded & Unpolluted, Tapasya Home is perfect for those looking for a getaway to breath fresh clean air , take lazy walks and relax. Trek, Camp, Laugh, Sing and Dance. Come and Enjoy the wild beauty of Coorg, the woods, mist, rain, mountain, festivals, the people and much more…

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We are committed to gush you with an utmost hospitality.

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